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Streamlining & Managing Print Productivity

The Seeley Streamlining goal is to optimize your copier fleet and inventory. Why? To increase efficiency and lower operational costs. 

Printing needs for most organizations tend to grow organically. This means, first you add a printer here, then a printer there, then perhaps one or more hubs, all of which eventually connect into a sprawling network. But organic growth, each of whose nodes met the needs of the moment when it was installed, is clumsy and inefficient in a mature business environment. It also is not cost-effective and may cost you thousands of dollars yearly in squandered resources and software and hardware incompatibility headaches.

This is where Seeley Streamlining helps. 


Our highly trained and skilled technicians will provide an overall assessment of your printing efficiency and productivity. We will examine your current and projected use; what is being printed where and by whom; and learn what is being wasted on what machine.


Based on this assessment we will make specific printer network streamlining recommendations.  These include:


  • The one which works best for your users
  • The one that best standardizes your network to increase efficiency
  • The one that saves you the most money by monitoring use and user and reallocating resources


  • Machine capacity (i.e, low vs. high capacity equipment based on volume in a particular location)
  • Number of machines based on need
  • Color vs. black-and-white machines – how can you save money on cartridges


  • Low vs. high traffic areas
  • Reduction of the number of machines needed while still supporting printing volume
  • Departmental needs – i.e, color vs. black-and-white copiers

Toner Cost

How can we reduce toner costs by

  • Reducing toner use with appropriate software
  • Color-printing reduction while supporting the needs of the office
  • Consolidating many lower volume machines into fewer higher volume machines, which cost less per copy


To follow through on our recommendations we can then tune your existing network or create an optimal one for your business environment. Our technicians will work with you - and around your schedule - provide software and equipment along with training, and be available for on-call support as needed. 

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Financing, Lease or Purchase

  • You can purchase or lease your system from us
  • Competitive pricing to meet your needs
  • Operational and Capital financing
  • Financing options for Non-Profits
  • NYS contract availability

Everyday Maintenance & Services

  • A 2-to-4 hour response time (50% faster than the industry standard!)
  • 10+ years of tenured technicians
  • No 1-800 numbers
  • You can request a service call

Refurbished Cartridge & Toner programs

  • We can save up to 30% in toner costs
  • It's an environmentally friendly option
  • Thoroughly inspected for quality
  • Reliable and experienced manufacturers